SLEP020: Simplifying Governance Changes

Author:Thomas J Fan


This SLEP proposes to permit governance changes through GitHub Pull Requests, where a vote will also occur in the Pull Request.

Detailed description

Currently, scikit-learn’s governance document [2] requires an enhancement proposal to make any changes to the governance document. In this SLEP, we propose simplifying the process by allowing governance changes through GitHub Pull Requests. Once the authors are happy with the state of the Pull Request, they can call for a vote on the mailing list. No changes are allowed until the vote is closed. A Pull Request approval will count as a positive vote, and a “Request Changes” review will count as a negative vote. The voting period will remain one month as stated in the current Governance and Decision-Making Document [2].


Members of the scikit-learn community have discussed changing the governance through SLEP019 in following PRs:

  1. enhancement_proposals#74 proposed updating the Governance to broaden the notion of contribution in scikit-learn. The draft was approved and merged on 2022-11-18.
  2. enhancement_proposals#81 proposed updates to SLEP019.

SLEP019 also includes the voting change proposed in this SLEP. This SLEP’s goal is to simplify the process of making governance changes, thus enabling the governance structure to evolve more efficiently.

References and Footnotes

[1]Each SLEP must either be explicitly labeled as placed in the public domain (see this SLEP as an example) or licensed under the Open Publication License.
[2](1, 2) scikit-learn Governance and Decision-Making